Introducing the delightful range of Plush Comforters, Teething Rings, Pram Jigglers, and more from Koala Dream, set to launch in late 2023. Crafted to offer comfort, engagement, and sensory exploration for babies from birth and beyond, these innovative designs have already received an enthusiastic response from our customers.

Our Plush Comforters are not just soft and adorable; they also feature various tags, textures, and vibrant colours, creating a perfect companion for babies' enriching adventures. The Teething Rings add tactile fun to the mix with their soothing textures and joyful designs, providing relief for teething little ones. 

Pram Jigglers are a true delight, coming to life with joyful jiggles that will surely bring smiles to your baby's face. Easily attach them to prams or strollers for on-the-go entertainment. 

We are excited to announce that in 2024, we will be introducing new designs to expand this beloved range, ensuring that your baby's playtime is both engaging and full of fun surprises. Keep an eye out for the latest additions from Koala Dream, designed with love for your little one's happiness and development.

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