Outdoor and Water Play

Explore the great outdoors with our great selection of water toys, beach toys, garden toys and other outdoor toys. Whether its to encourage children to get back to nature, or explore their senses, we have great products to encourage outdoor and water play.

Explore nature with our bug catchers and magnifying glasses or have fun in the sun with our outdoor beach tool sets. Appreciate mother earth with our gardening tools or have a bit of a splash with our floating boats. Outdoors made extra fun!

While engaging with nature and their environment, children learn to build on their awareness of the world around them, appreciating the little things that they find. Exploring and digging not only expands an enquiring mind, it also helps building gross motor skills.

We stock a great range of outdoor and water play products from brands including Tooky Toy, Tookyland, Jar Melo, Koala Dream, Kaper Kidz and Calm & Breezy by Kaper Kidz. All of our wooden outdoor toys are finished to the highest quality and painted in child safe, non toxic paint.

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