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Looking to stock your garden centre or nursery with some insect and plant themed products. we've put together a selection of gifts and toys garden centres love, to encourage kids to get outside and explore the great outdoors and nature around them. Whether its helping in the garden or exploring flora and fauna, we've got a great range of gift products that will suit any garden centre or nursery gift store.


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Amidst the green haven of nurseries and garden centers, our lineup of wholesale products celebrates the raw beauty of nature with a dash of excitement. We've got a stash that's all about insects and plants—think flower presses, magnifying glasses, and cool garden kits designed for the little green thumbs.

For the mini adventurers and future garden gurus, our stuff is top-notch. Fancy flower presses? Check. Magnifying glasses to uncover nature's tiny secrets? You got it. And those garden kits for kids? They're not just for fun—they're all about learning and sparking a real love for the great outdoors.

We're all about nurturing that bond between folks and the natural world. Every product is a nod to our mission: to get people curious, learning, and downright happy in the midst of nurseries and garden centers. Whether it's bug-themed goodies or gear inspired by plants, our lineup is here to amp up the fun and appreciation for the wild world around us.

So, as the sun beams down on those blooming gardens and lively nurseries, our products are ready to join the adventure, bringing along a healthy dose of exploration and a newfound appreciation for nature's awesomeness.