Trying Out our New Magic Air Drying Clay

Author: Verena   Date Posted:13 September 2022 

An afternoon of testing our new super light air drying clay from Tookyland

This week I had some very happy helpers to try out our brand new Magic Air Drying Dlay from Tookyland. In this set, you get 12 assorted coloured clay that you can mix, blend, build and mould to make your own creative little figurines and objects. This super light air drying clay sets hard after a few days of being left out of the container and the objects made have become keepsakes to cherish and pass on as presents.

My two helpers were an eager 6 year old and 9 year old. Once we opened the clay and had fun with its sensory feel and lightweight texture, we got down to it and started letting our imagination go wild and the creative juices flowed.

The air drying clay is so easy to form and sculpt, it holds well and is easy enough to fuse with other colours or shapes. With the air drying clay the children created mini wonderlands, one made a slide and a ball to roll down it, the other a forest of trees. Me, the adult, challenged myself to make a Penguin, just like on the box. Well, it was fun and not too difficult at all. Because the clay was easy to mould, the penguin looked almost as good as the package. I was so impressed.

This kit has so much clay. After we finised our sculpting there was plenty of air drying clay left over for next time. It was packed away in the resealable containers, ready to open again for our next crafternoon!

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