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Guess what is a fun and interactive game , a game of logic, assumptions, and creativity.

Guess what is a fun and interactive game, a game of logic, assumptions, and creativity. You are challenged to find out who or what you are by other game players acting out cluses, describing what they see or you ask clue questions from the other players. Spin the wheel to decide how you play, then turn the sand timer over and the guessing game begins. If you get stuck, there are sample question cards to help you. Once you think you might know who you are, guess correctly to win tokens. the person to have the most tokens at the end wins! its that simple. How to Play: The youngest player is the first to play. Place the headband on your head. take a card and place it in your headband without peeking! Each player starts with 3 tokens and one at a time must spin the wheel to decide whether you will ask questions, perform or ask yes or no questions to guess what they are. But hurry, you've only got enough time to ask questions or guess the clues from the other players till the sand timer runs out. Once the timer runs out you can guess who or what you are....guess correctly and you get a token and a new guessing card, but guess incorrectly and you'll miss out on a token. Once you've played your round, move the headband and guessing card to the next player. Once you've played all the cards, the winner is the person with the most tokens. You can change the game to lose tokens for incorrect guesses or just play the guessing game with no point scoring, make this game as easy or hard as you like. Guess What? Board game from Tooky Toy is the perfect family board game for young children to learn to problem solve, cooperate and challenge their creative thinking.


Guess Cards:6cmx9cm, Timer: 1cmx1cmx6cm, Turntable spinner: 10cmx10cmx1cm. Sand timer 2.4cmLx 2.4cmWx8.5cmH

Barcode # 6972633371175
Brand Tooky Toy
Length 0.225m
Height 0.040m
Width 0.210m
Weight 0.3200kg