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Discover and excavate hidden gems from 8 planet-themed blocks with specialized tools and educational insights, ideal for ages 6 and up.

Delve into the wonders of our solar system with the Solar System Exploration Dig Kit from Kurious Kidz by Kaper Kidz! Designed for ages 6 and up, this captivating kit features 8 planet themed digging blocks, each hiding 5 mesmerizing gems and crystals for young explorers to discover. Equipped with specialized digging tools, children can excavate through each block to unearth their own unique collection of precious stones.

Accompanying the digging blocks is a mini poster that provides insightful information about the gemstones found on each planet, offering an educational twist to the excitement of discovery. From the fiery depths of Venus to the icy allure of Pluto, each block offers a different adventure into the geological makeup of our celestial neighbors.

The Solar System Exploration Dig Kit not only fosters a love for science and space exploration but also encourages hands- on learning and imaginative play. Perfect for curious minds eager to uncover the mysteries of our universe, this kit promises hours of educational fun and discovery.


Kit Contains: 8 Digging blocks, 8 Chisels (9.5cmLx0.7cmH) , 8 Brushes (8.5cmLx0.5cmWx0.5cmH), 8 Magnets (2.5cmLx2cmH),

8 Learning Cards (6cmL x8.5cmH) , 1 Digging mat, 1 Poster

Barcode # 9354963011933
Brand Kaper Kidz
Length 0.300m
Height 0.050m
Width 0.200m
Weight 1.9000kg